Research Software Hour is an online stream/show about scientific computing and research software. It is designed to provide the skills typically picked up via informal networks: each ~2 weeks, we do some combination of exploring new tools, analyzing and improving someone's research code, and discussion.

Watchers can take part and contribute code to us which we analyze and discuss on stream.

In Autumn 2021, we stream Wednesdays at 14:00 Central European time / 15:00 East Europe time. Convert 14:00 to your timezone

Follow the Twitter streams @__radovan or @SciCompAalto for updates.

Upcoming shows

  • Working with SSH
  • Lessons from starting a RSE group at a university
  • How to organize software/data in a new research group
  • How to manage code on a research-group level (for group leaders, how to prevent everyone from doing their own things)
  • How to use SSH and GPG keys (we all need them sooner or later, it is "never" taught, and documentation is often not adapted to non-experts)
  • Licensing and sharing: what do you need to know in practice (e.g. How to agree on code and licensing)
  • Shell: advanced tricks we use
  • Testing
  • Publishing and releasing software. Making your code ready for publication in Journal of Open Source Software
  • Renv / Julia environment reproducibity
  • Our favourite R libraries
  • Desktop to cluster
  • Cluster: working efficiently
  • Strategies to parallelize a code
  • Writing parallel code
  • Finding and solving memory bottlenecks, especially in Python
  • How to run a Python web service or in other words: what to do when you need more than a static website?
  • Containers


We are soon back with more shows at twitch.tv/RSHour.


RSH 25: Intro to Github
What is Github and why would you use it?


RSH 24: Computers for research 101
The essential course that everyone skipped


RSH 23: CodeRefinery workshop questions revisited
Answering/discussing questions from a recent CodeRefinery workshop


RSH 22: resolving git conflicts
Git conflict resolution strategies


RSH 21: OBS (Open broadcaster software)
OBS for teaching and other purposes.


RSH 20: Data preparation and release
About data management plans, tidy data format, and FAIR data release


RSH 19: Working in shells and terminals
Our hacks and tricks in shells and terminals


RSH 18: Why is software, data, etc. important?
The Zen of scientific computing


RSH 16: Debugging
Debugging: we all do it, we are never taught it. How we approach it and some tools we use


RSH 14: How to tame the cluster
You've got code, you've got the cluster. Now we connect them


RSH 13: Cluster etiquette
How and why computer clusters are used for work


RSH 12: git-annex
high-level data management and synchronization


RSH 11: Conda
Software and environment installation, management, and reproducibility


RSH 10: Reproducibility
How to make research reproducible


RSH 7: Packaging and distributing
You made it, how can others use it?


RSH 6: Testing
If it's not tested, you can't trust it