RSH 20: Data preparation and release

About data management plans, tidy data format, and FAIR data release


Collaborative notes taken during the session

Part 1: data management plans

Part 2: tidy data

Part 3: release


Main Finnish national funding agency decided to drop DMP from grant applications. I reviewed grants from NL and AT national grant agencies and there was no DMP to review.

Given the perserverence of (beginning) researchers just using an external drive for their project. Perhaps, the questions on a DMP should not be so much about which data, but more:

Does this DMP take the place of README files that I would normally put this in?

"Funny" anecdote from Twente University in the NL: all network drives were in a single building. The building manager felt unappreciated and set fire to the building with the intention to become the hero that put out the fire. He couldn't put out the fire. All emails, all researcher and student data, everything was gone, for the entire university. The backup was located in the same building. This was one year before I entered the university as a student :)

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