RSH 25: Intro to GitHub

What is GitHub and why would you use it?


Collaborative notes taken during the session

Intro to GitHub

This event was put on with support of the Aalto Research Services open science team.

Progression of use cases and topics

GitHub is used for:

Where are you? Where do you want to be?

Quick survey

I have used git before:

In the past I have already opened an issue on GitHub:

In the past I have already creaded a pull request on GitHub (or merge request on GitLab):

What is git?


What is GitHub?

Question: Are there command line interfaces for GitHub that work on Windows?

I don't know if it's changed, but last time I checked, the GitHub Desktop was pretty unstable in Windows.

Basic features: pushing and pulling

Let's demo the basics of GitHub.

Quick demo:

demo commands:

Git for small groups

Question: I work with Jupyter Nitebooks. Is there an easy way to integrate those into github? thanks

Community projects: the next level

Important considerations


Long term: archiving and Zenodo

Video demo of Zenodo link:


What's next?


One good thing about today:

One thing to be improved: