Our first broadcast was a success, and we’d like to invite everyone back with friends for the next:

Our second broadcast is on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, at 20:30 Central European Summer Time (convert to your time). The stream starts 10 minutes early and you can use this time to already start asking questions you may have.

Follow this website, or Twitter @__radovan or @SciCompAalto for updates.

In one of our sections, we will look at and constructively comment someone’s code on stream. If you want to offer a code of yours, see this description and get in touch with us by opening an issue in this repository or getting in contact with one of us at (https://people.aalto.fi/richard.darst or https://bast.fr/).

Videos are posted at the youtube playlist.

Questions and answers from our collaborative document

  • Zenodo in google scholar?: https://github.com/openjournals/brief-ideas/issues/132#issuecomment-335700342

  • a good topic to discuss at another hour would be creating a static website with e.g. pelican/hugo and publish on github/gitlab pages
    • rkdarst: nice idea! The “easy one” is using Jekyll + github pages. I also tested one using pelican + github actions + github pages. Which ones are you most interested in?
    • rkdarst: I guess we can start with jekyll+github pages, then do the more davanced one in a later episode.
    • cycomanic: I found hugo and pelican actually nicer to use than jekyll, but any one would be good.
    • rkdarst: This was a test I did, using github actions + sphinx, could be adapted to other things too (very primative): https://github.com/rkdarst/sphinx-actions-test
  • Table of contents for Markdown: https://github.com/ekalinin/github-markdown-toc

  • a good link on how to write good commit messages: https://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/

  • Maybe show how to alert some specific user to a pull request/issue (from Twitch chat)
    • You can use “@” mentions to have Github/Gitlab notify someone about a conversation, issue, pull request, etc.
  • “Some bigger teams have templates for pull requests so that you have to explain what you did, what should be reviewed like Richard just said”

  • what are your thoughts on black/yapf talking about autoformat? I have not seen a solution that does not mess up math code
    • If you work on a project that has a long and valuable Git history that hasn’t used Black, it can destroy the value of the history (or make it much more difficult to follow)
  • #pylint: disable=unused-argument

  • autoformat is the prime suspect for pre-commit

  • ReproHack: https://reprohack.github.io/reprohack-hq/

  • How does using a requirements.txt relate to using setuptools and defining dependencies via install_requires in the setup?
    • We got this nice follow-up: https://github.com/ResearchSoftwareHour/rsh-notes/issues/21
  • have you guys used poetry? (supposedly the next version of packaging and dependency management) https://python-poetry.org/
    • Radovan: I haven’t started using it yet, but have used Pipenv. See also good suggestions in https://github.com/ResearchSoftwareHour/rsh-notes/issues/21
  • question: do you document your hints (the textual/visual formatting hints)? to others?
    • http://rkd.zgib.net/wiki/Python/Style
    • listener: great talk about Python formatting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf-BqAjZb8M
  • I’ve set up a Vim keybinding to toggle my linter to care about pep8 formatting or not: https://gist.github.com/wmvanvliet/4aa309c2c3e7228060122e7beda14ece with my own scripts, I don’t care about pep8. For public packages, I do.

  • why not just install all the main libraries as system libs and then use pip install –user ? Also PYTHONPATH!
    • I think virtualenvironments encourage to code to specific versions much more than general version
  • Could you explain in a next session about git hooks?
    • Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Could you discuss git bare repos?
    • It is basically everything “below” the .git/ data you see in a regular repository - no “working directory” checked out files
  • Dependencies for C++ would be very interesting.
    • please talk about repositories in C++ or pip for C++ equivalent?
    • using CMake to handle dependencies?
      • Thanks for the suggestion!
  • https://xkcd.com/1987/

  • Can you post the link to reprohacks (sp?)
    • https://reprohack.github.io/reprohack-hq/
  • Git shallow clone could also be interesting to discuss
    • you can specify depth as well
    • Thanks for the suggestion!